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Winchester Cathedral Architecture Day

Join David Clapp on a photographic exploration of Winchester's stunning cathedral.

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19th - 19th Nov 2024

Join us for a unique and unparalleled photography workshop within the venerable confines of Winchester Cathedral on November 19, 2024. This workshop offers a rare opportunity to capture the sublime grace of this architectural marvel, nestled in the heart of Winchester, Hampshire, England.

Known formally as the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, and Saint Swithun, Winchester Cathedral stands as a monumental piece of history, boasting the title of the world's longest medieval cathedral with a length of 558 feet (170 meters). Its architectural splendor is showcased through its Perpendicular Gothic nave, Early English retrochoir, and Norman transepts and tower, spanning a construction period from 1079 to 1532. This cathedral, serving as the residence of the Anglican Bishop of Winchester, has played a pivotal role in English history for over nine centuries. It houses the Winchester Bible, an exquisite 12th-century Romanesque manuscript, and is the final resting place of several historical figures, including the esteemed novelist Jane Austen. As a focal point of cultural and religious significance, Winchester Cathedral attracts visitors globally, eager to witness its architectural magnificence and rich historical tapestry.

Winchester Cathedral Architecture Day

Experience the Enchantment of Illumination

Embark on a journey into an enchanting realm where beams of light cascade through vibrant stained glass, weaving a captivating spectacle of hues and lighting. The majestic presence of the cathedral is magnified by the delicate interplay of natural light with its elaborate patterns, providing photographers with form and illumination.

Harmony Captured in Every Shot

Delve into the architectural wonder of Winchester Cathedral, a place where symmetry unfolds in every corner, offering a visual feast of balanced elegance. From the towering archways to the intricately detailed embellishments, discover the inspiration that lies in the cathedral's impeccable symmetry, ready to be immortalized through your lens.

Flooded crypt with the incredible Gormley statue
Flooded crypt with the incredible Gormley statue

Explore the Halls of Time

Wander through the peaceful cloisters, where the echoes of history softly speak, offering a calm backdrop for your photographic journey.

Ignite Your Artistic Spirit

Participate in an immersive full-day photography workshop that begins at midday and stretches into the magical evening. Connect with like-minded photographers, refine your techniques, and let your artistic vision flourish within this legendary locale. The session ends at 6:30 pm, rewarding you with a portfolio of enduring photographs and memories that will last a lifetime.

Winchester Cathedral Architecture Day

Practical Details

  • Date: 19thNovember 2024
  • Cost: £50
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Meeting Time: Lunchtime
  • Conclusion: 6:30 pm

Embark on a photographic journey like no other at Winchester Cathedral. Reserve your place today and let your camera capture the magic within this incredible space.

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