If you require my services for your club night or photography event then look no further. I am taking bookings into 2019, 2020 and even 2021, with nights at camera clubs across the country , the Royal Photographic Society and more. 

Talking about my experiences as a professional landscape and travel photographer is something I relish and if you are looking for a lively speaker with world class images to match, then look no further - I am offering my services. 

If your club is a little further and harder to get to, then why not collaborate with other clubs or undertake a days worth of tuition for your members at around £50 a head, which would make the trip to you worthwhile on both our parts. This could take part before or after the scheduled talk, the same day or perhaps the following day. Although the usual outdoor landscape style workshops are popular, digital processing is also highly popular as it can be undertaken when there is bad weather.

'Firstly I would like to thank you for last evening at Portishead Camera club. You are the best speaker we have had in the 2 years I've been attending. You are inspirational and very knowledgable' - from Linda at Portishead Camera Club.

'I have been a member of the club for almost 35 years and I can say that was the BEST talk I have ever heard' - SNAPS Event, Maidstone Kent.




Crediton Camera Club

22nd November, 2019

Truro Camera Club

9th December, 2019

Colyford Camera Club

11th December, 2019

Phoenix Group of Photographers

13th January, 2020

Liskeard Camera Club

21st January, 2020

Paignton Camera Club Judging

10th February, 2020

Paignton Camera Club

9th March, 2020

Sidmouth Camera Club

11th March, 2020

Nikon User Group

28th August, 2020

Whitianga Camera Club ZOOM

3rd September, 2020

Dunedin Camera Club ZOOM

7th September, 2020

Harrison Cameras FB Live

12th September, 2020

Newton Abbot Camera Club Judging

22nd September, 2020

HPS Auckland ZOOM

16th September, 2020

Barrie CC, Canada ZOOM

29th October, 2020

Nikon User Group

6th November, 2020

Stirling Camera Club

18th November, 2020

RAC Photography Club

25th November, 2020

TPS Photography

26th November, 2020

Bayfield Ontario Zoom

3rd December, 2020

London Ontario Canada

5th December, 2020

Dundee Camera Club

7th December, 2020

Milgavie Camera Club

8th December, 2020

Perth Camera Club

9th December, 2020

Queens Park CC Glasgow

17th December, 2020

Newton Abbot Camera Club

5th January, 2021

Backwell Camera Club

7th January, 2021

Wimborne Camera Club

18th January, 2021

Falmouth Camera Club

21st January, 2021

Ayr Camera Club

28th January, 2021

Matlock Camera Club

10th February, 2021

Truro Camera Club Big Weekend

20th February, 2021

Clacton Camera Club

5th March, 2021

Cambridge Camera Club

22nd March, 2021

Bottisham and Burwell Photographic Club

23rd March, 2021

Ware Photographic Society

24th March, 2021

Pacific Digital Camera Club

21st March, 2021

Swavesey Camera Club

25th March, 2021

RAC Photography Club

28th April, 2021

Lanark County

25th May, 2021