I am an award waiting landscape and travel photographer from England. 

My objective is simply to has as much fun using the camera as a vehicle for adventure. Miserable years of my life were spent as a creative person locked in a non creative working world, so I engineered my escape over seven years and it worked out well. 

Almost in a different life, I learned to be creative through playing the guitar and sequencing electronic music, which I still translate into my images to this day. Although that may seem a little difficult to understand, it's as near to the truth as I can put it. 

I am fascinated by technology. I read endless manuals, but unbelivable as it is, I have never finished a fiction book.

I do hope you enjoy this website.

My Kit Bag

Canon 5Dmk4 - a masterpiece  
Canon 6DIR - infrared converted body 
Canon 6D as a colour backup... 
Canon 16-35 f4L IS
Canon 24-70 f4L IS, 
Canon 24mm TSEmk2, 
Canon 100-400 f4L IS
Gitzo 4 and 5 series tripods, RRS Ballhead

Mamiya C330s - the street portrait camera 
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
Chamonix 045F1 Large Format Camera
Breakthrough Filters for digital / Lee Filters for film


Presenter for Canon Europe - commissioned to work on DVD projects including the 'Power of Photography' DVD that is included with all new Canon cameras.

Canon 6D tutorials - David was commissioned to travel to Buenos Aires and Patagonia to make Canon tutorial videos with Canon Europe.

Lectures and appearances for Canon at all major photography trade shows - Photokina, Photography Show, Outdoor Show and events throughout the UK.

Light and Land workshop leader, contiunes to run extensive foreign trips across the world for Charlie Waite's leading photography workshop company.

Stock photography for Getty Images (main agent), Arcaid (architecture)

Commissions for UK clients including Visit Britain, Visit Cumbria, many AA Travel publications (UK and overseas commissions including Boston, New England)

Architectural commissions and interiors for construction companies, hotels and practices throughout the UK.

David writes for the best in the business - Digital Camera, Amateur Photographer and most UK major photography magazines, selling work directly to enhance technique.

My Story

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David Clapp Photography Slideshow
David Clapp Photography Slideshow