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South Africa 2025

An incredible photographic adventure through South Africa, exploring the geographical wonders, coastline and remote regions.


£4,995.00 / £500.00 deposit


8th - 22nd Mar 2025

After great successes leading tours in the Namibia region, I have expanded the concept into South Africa for 2025. Starting and ending in Cape Town, we are taking a landscape / seascape / travel and an optional astro photography experience based across the South Africa.

The trip starts in Cape Town exploring the surrounding region in detail. The city has exceptional locations to begin our tour, with viewpoints that overlook this unusual coastal metropolis. Within just a few minutes, the scene can completely change to the Twelve Apostles, which we will also photograph from the waters edge. The city in twilight beckons a huge panorama and we will visit this in both morning and evening.

We will also take the cable car to the top of Table Mountain for more breathtaking vistas as well as photograph this icon from nearby beaches.

The Twelve Apostles, a magnificent panorama
The Twelve Apostles, a magnificent panorama

Street Photography in Bo Kaap

This historic neighbourhood, nestled against the slopes of Signal Hill, is renowned for its picturesque cobblestone streets lined with rows of brightly painted houses. Each building boasts a unique hue, creating a captivating mosaic that is a photographer's dream. The dynamic interplay of shadows and light adds depth to the scenes, enhancing the visual drama of this lively neighbourhood

Beyond the colorful facades, Bo Kaap is a melting pot of cultures, primarily known for its Cape Malay community, whose traditions and stories are etched into the very fabric of the streets. Capturing the essence of Bo Kaap involves not just documenting the visually stunning architecture but also seeking out the moments of everyday life that unfold in its lively corners—be it the aromatic waft of spices from local kitchens or the warm interactions among the community members.

Cederbergs and Beyond

The dramatic Cederberg Mountains, with their towering sandstone cliffs and deep valleys, provide a stunning backdrop for photographers. The rugged terrain is adorned with weathered rock formations, such as the iconic Wolfberg Arch and the Maltese Cross, creating fascinating subjects for compositions. The landscape is dotted with ancient San rock art, adding a historical and cultural dimension to the visual narrative.

During sunrise and sunset, the warm, golden light bathes the mountains and rocks, casting long shadows and creating a magical atmosphere. The Cedarberg's diverse flora, including fynbos and wildflowers, adds bursts of color to the landscape, particularly during the spring bloom. The region's clear night skies make it an excellent location for astrophotography, with minimal light pollution offering a canvas of stars.

The winding hiking trails, crystal-clear rock pools, and hidden waterfalls provide ample opportunities for capturing the beauty of nature. Whether framed against the blue sky or shrouded in mist, the Cedarberg area invites photographers to explore its varied and enchanting scenes. It's a place where the raw, untamed beauty of the wilderness unfolds, offering an abundance of photogenic moments for those behind the lens.

South Africa 2025

In conclusion, photographing South Africa is a visual odyssey through a land of unparalleled diversity and natural grandeur. From the iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town to the wildlife-rich plains of the Cederbergs, every corner of this country presents a captivating tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and histories. The vibrancy of urban life, the haunting beauty of desolate countryside, the lushness of coastal regions, and the untamed wilderness of national parks – each facet of South Africa unfolds a unique story waiting to be captured. 

The warmth of the people, the rich tapestry of traditions, and the juxtaposition of modernity against a backdrop of ancient landscapes add layers of depth to the visual narrative. With its vivid colors, striking contrasts, and an abundance of natural wonders, South Africa stands as a photographer's paradise.

Additional Information

  • Is South Africa safe?

    South Africa is safe. Literally all South African people are kind hearted, welcoming and all speak fluent English which makes our interaction and experience a friendly and positive one. Like any cities, there is always a risk of petty crime, but in my experiences in Cape Town I have seen nothing other than warmth and kindness. There are also no poisonous insects or spider risks

  • What flights do you recommend?

    Flights to be added as flight details aren’t released a year in advance. The best connections from the UK are either direct to Cape Town or via Johannesburg which can be more cost effective.

  • Where do I meet you?

    Cape Town airport. If you do arrive early on a different international flight than the recommended flight, then a shuttle bus will be able to pick you up from your hotel to bring the group together. Contact me for further information.

  • Accommodation?

    All high quality hotel based accommodation in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

  • What's the temperature like in South Africa?

    Delightful. It will be the tail end of summer. Temperature in March will be anywhere between 20-30ºC in the day-time and in the night-time lows of about 10ºC. The temperatures are very comfortable both day and night.

  • What clothing shall I bring?

    Dress in comfortable loose clothing, like T-shirts, loose shirts with a collar or base layers as these will work very well at keeping you cool. I would refrain from any dark coloured clothing, like navy blue, black, dark red, as these will only make you feel even hotter. You will need shorts and perhaps a light fleecy sweater, for dawn / twilight shoots, but do bring pairs of longer trousers for night shoots. Don’t forget a floppy sun hat of some sorts. Sunglasses are an absolute essential - polarised ones will really help with creativity.

  • Footwear?

    Walking shoes are perfect for the terrain. You will not need heavy leather walking boots, these will just make you feel more uncomfortable. A pair of trainers / sneakers will help keep you feet cool and the walking easy, but these could fill with sand so I recommend a comfortable pair of broken in walking shoes.

  • What camera kit should I bring?

    A wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer zoom (70-300) will be ideal to cover most compositional eventualities but don’t forget the macro lens if you have one. However, if you do have a longer lens (up to 600mm, like the 100-400 with a 1.4x extender = 560mm) then do bring it along as there will be wildlife opportunities. The most used will be in the 24-70 range as a super wide angle doesn’t always translate, so make sure this focal length is covered. It’s best not to weigh yourself down, so why not bring an airport style bag for all your kit and a smaller day bag, which you can decant equipment into throughout the day.

    Head torches are a must, preferably two, with at least one set of replacement batteries.

  • Do I need a computer?

    Although not essential, its a great idea to bring a laptop computer with you so you can discuss imagery with myself and others in the group. It really is a great learning experience, so I highly recommend bringing a laptop to learn and for personal entertainment on longer journeys.

  • What computer support do you give?

    I make a point of tutoring all my clients on digital photography to help complete the learning process. I am renowned as a leading digital professional and I will be screen recording my sessions so the learning continues. I have extensive knowledge to communicate on all levels and I spend time with all my clients helping them to process their images to a high standard. It really helps to have a computer session when tiredness takes hold, or inclement weather persists.

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