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Personal Photography Tuition

One to one personalised landscape photography tuition


£249.00 / £75.00 deposit


22nd - 22nd Aug 2016

If you believe you have reached a wall you can’t climb over or your photography is starting to stagnate, then hire me to point you back on the road to success.

As a photographic teacher for the last thirteen years, I fully understand the dilemmas associated with learning any creative endeavour. You often end up feeling somewhat alienated and baffled by the overwhelming amount of information there is to absorb and skills there are to master. Despite its immediate appeal, photography is perhaps one of the most complicated, as you swing from artistic to technical control.

With a confident delivery, patience, friendly manner I can supply individuals or groups with focused and clear tuition, of any age, ability or learning style. Back this up with digital help for your reference and you will be surprised at the pace you will learn.

Based near the beautiful national park of Dartmoor, I am only ten minutes away from spectacular scenery, which we can use as a training ground. In the opposite direction, we are just thirty minutes away from the coastline. Bantham, Start Point Lighthouse, Westcombe Bay and many other fabulous locations are on tap throughout the year.

Additional Information

  • Where are you Based?

    Newton Abbot in South Devon. It’s at the end of the M5 and easy to reach by train. With access to Dartmoor and some spectacular coastline, this workshop location base can provide all manner of photographic opportunities just minutes away. Newton Abbot is approximately three hours on the train from London.

  • Any Skill Level, from Beginner to Advanced

    It’s your day so let me know what you need and help me lead the way. Let me take you along the right path for your skill level. let me help you to create sensational images or really crack complex and demanding photographic techniques. I routinely cover lens technology, advanced camera settings and tackle the theory of hyperlocal distance with clients, but I take great enjoyment teaching complete beginners.

  • Tailor Made Digital Processing

    The computer is responsible for separating photographers as much as learning composition. After reaching a certain standard of equipment photography becomes an level playing field. I always endeavour to teach a level of digital processing on day, as this will help you push your images to a professional standard. All the sessions are screen recorded and converted to MP4 so you can relax into the day without, pens and paper.

  • Equipment

    I am primarily a Canon based photographer, shooting a range of cameras including not only the professional range of mirrorless and DSLRs, like the Canon R3 and 5Dmk4 but also the smaller compact systems like the 24mp Canon RP. I am well versed in literally all makes and manufacturers, so don’t worry about your chosen brand. I fully believe its about the photographers vision and not the equipment. I welcome all photographers with all cameras.

  • Dusk to Dawn

    ... or whatever suits your needs. Many photographers prefer to be tutored in the best of conditions and we can certainly can chase great light. This also may not be necessary. The the daytime length of the summer months prove to be rather difficult indeed.

  • Tilt Shift Lenses Tuition

    I can explain complex technical subjects in the simplest of ways, so let me take the pain out of tilt shift lenses for you. These wonderful optics can be the key to a fabulous understanding of technical photography, but more end up on eBay then any other. It’s all about understanding tilt and I can push your knowledge to get the most out of this lens in specific.

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