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London Architecture City Tour

A London architecture walking tour, capturing the very best of London's varied architecture

Fully Booked


£595.00 / £100.00 deposit


17th - 18th Sep 2024

Embark on an unforgettable two-day photography tour through the vibrant streets of London in the heart the city in September 2024. We will shoot later into the evening and make the very most of this colourful and vibrant city. Think architecture with a twist of long exposures / staircases / exteriors / interiors and even some infrared knowledge to really push the boundaries.

This is an immersive journey for both amateur and seasoned photographers, capturing the essence of one of the world's most iconic cities at all times of the day. Being based in Blackfriars it provides unparalleled access to a myriad of exciting and diverse photographic opportunities, all within a quick walk from our accommodation.  I will be showing you how to take professionally composed and precise imagery from a range of exciting vantage points. We will explore symmetry / abstracts / monochrome / modernism / historical architecture as well as vistas across the city.

If the time permits we will shoot a huge array of locations including many locations on the Thames, Battersea, Canary Wharf and more.

Abstract imagery in abundance
Abstract imagery in abundance

Although I will be shooting a Canon 24mmtilt shift, this tour does not base itself around tilt shift lenses. The approach is far more playful and spontaneous approach with a faster pace than traditional architecture disciplines. Although I suggest a tripod, it is not mandatory.

We will use public transport throughout the two days and take regular breaks to keep up higher energy levels.

With a perfect blend of historical sites, vibrant neighbourhoods, and natural beauty, this two-day photography tour in London promises not only incredible images but also an abundance of fun. Whether you're a photography novice or an experienced shutterbug, this experience is designed to showcase the city's diverse charm and provide lasting memories through the lens.

Join me on this exciting city break and take away some truly memorable images from London this September.

London Architecture City Tour

Additional Information

  • Where is the Accommodation?

    The accommodation is for one night. I cannot get full bookings finalised as of this time, but we will be centrally located in quality accommodation, yet to be announced. It will be Premier Inn style with great access to all the tour locations.

  • Can I book my own accommodation?

    Yes you can. If you want to make your own arrangements, feel free. I can reduce the amount of the tour to an appropriate reduction.

  • Where do we meet?

    The meeting place will be at the accommodation (yet to be announced) at 10am on Weds 17th Sept 2024.

  • What does fitness level 'Moderate' mean?

    You need to be capable of walking for sustained periods, along footpaths and up moderate inclines. It is advised that you take walks before the trips so you can cope with two days of photography.

  • Are you shooting dawns and sunsets?

    We will only be shooting sunsets. It’s strenuous at this time of year, so I want everyone to enjoy the experience, not turn it into a gruelling Boot Camp. It’s important to get rest and we can do a great deal with lowlight and twilight in the evenings

  • What clothing?

    Ensure you bring good quality footwear. Light and extremely comfortable footwear is essential as we will be walking on concrete and tarmac, climbing stairs and escalators and taking the Underground on a regular basis. Bring a lightweight waterproof and quality walking trousers.

  • What camera kit do I bring?

    An array of focal lengths will always benefit the London photographer. A wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer zoom (70-300) will be ideal to cover most compositional eventualities. I also recommend a fisheye lens and a 24mm Tilt Shift lens, but neither are essential.

  • Do I need a computer?

    Although not essential, its a great idea to bring a laptop computer with you so you can discuss imagery with myself and others in the group. It really is a great learning experience, so I highly recommend bringing a laptop to learn and for personal entertainment.

  • What computer support do you give?

    I make a point of tutoring all my clients on digital photography to help complete the learning process. I am renowned as a leading digital professional and I will be screen recording my sessions so the learning continues. I have extensive knowledge to communicate on all levels and I spend time with all my clients helping them to process their images to a high standard. It really helps to have a computer session when tiredness takes hold, or inclement weather persists.

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