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Brittany Lighthouses 2025

Join David Clapp on an eight day tour of the most picturesque lighthouses and seascapes in Brittany


£2,400.00 / £500.00 deposit


26th Apr - 4th May 2025

Come and join me in 2025 for the return to Brittany to photograph lighthouses and coastline in this immersive tour of north western France.

This photography tour starts and ends with a flight to Nantes. We will all meet at the airport, where I will pick up a hire van. I have chosen some very special French lighthouses to photograph as well as some fabulous coastal walks and some exciting excursions.

We move to the south-west corner of Brittany and then work our way back along the coastline, heading to some fabulous coastal vantage points. Staying in Le Conquet, we then visit two spectacular lighthouses, taking a boat trip to another remarkable lighthouse to shoot spiral staircases.

We will also visit a very special estuary to shoot mussel beds on the rising tide and a superb granite lighthouse on the north coast. Then to St Malo, then to Mont St Michel and back to Nantes for our flights home.

Whether you are just starting out with photography or you are very proficient, we’ll take you on a unique photography journey which will include one to one photography tuition and masterclasses in landscape photography techniques. We’ll chase the light and explain how to get the best images from each location that we visit. We will also have extensive tuition in the use of filters for long exposure imagery.

A wonderful infrared shoot, we photograph as many lighthouses as possible
A wonderful infrared shoot, we photograph as many lighthouses as possible

Time spent out on location can be devoted to perfecting a variety of photography skills, perhaps working on getting good compositions, using available light, learning creative camera techniques or learning how to use neutral density filters for long exposures. Naturally, we’ll include image editing techniques back at base to ensure that you take home some quality work. Our wish is for you to leave with a new technical understanding of your camera gear and a streamlined workflow for you to use in the future.

Colour, black and white, long exposures, infrared, colour, tourism - you name it, we do it!. We will stay as productive as possible throughout our days. 

Additional Information

  • Where do I need to meet you?

    In Nantes Airport. There are regular flights to this city from Stansted Airport in London.

  • What does fitness level 'Moderate' mean?

    You need to be capable of walking for sustained periods, along footpaths and up moderate inclines. There will be no strenuous activity but it is advised that you take walks before the trips so you can cope with a week of outdoor photography.

  • Are you shooting dawn and sunsets?

    Yes, we will be making the most of the times of good light. Dawn is early, around 7 am, meaning a 6 am rise, so if you are too exhausted and would prefer to sleep in, that is perfectly fine. There’s no pressure! Sunsets are around 21:30 so these are long days. We will have a period of downtime in the early afternoon.

  • Clothing

    Brittany has very similar weather to the south west of England, so expect everything! Ensure you bring good quality footwear. Walking boots are not essential as walking shoes should suffice, but do bring a pair of Wellingtons with thick socks - these are essential for shooting at the coast. It’s great to get your feet in the sea for some truly amazing images. Ensure a hat and gloves are part of your wardrobe as early mornings can see significant drops in temperature.

  • Camera Kit

    An array of focal lengths will always benefit the coastal photographer. A wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer zoom (70-300) will be ideal to cover most compositional eventualities. The most used will be the 24-70 as wide angle doesn’t always translate, so make sure this focal length is covered.

  • Do I need a computer?

    Although not essential, it’s a great idea to bring a laptop computer with you so you can discuss imagery with myself and others in the group. It really is a great learning experience, so I highly recommend bringing a laptop to learn and for personal entertainment.

  • What computer support do you give?

    I make a point of tutoring all my clients on digital photography to help complete the learning process. I am renowned as a leading digital professional and I will be screen recording my sessions so the learning continues after the workshop ends. I have extensive knowledge to communicate on all levels and I spend time with all my clients helping them to process their images to a high standard. It really helps to have a computer session when tiredness takes hold, or inclement weather persists.

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