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Berlin Architecture 2024

Join David Clapp on a five day historical and modern architectural photography workshop based in Berlin, Germany

Fully Booked


£1,200.00 / £400.00 deposit


24th - 28th Jul 2024

Join David Clapp on a fabulous architectural workshop in Berlin, Germany. With so many incredible buildings to photograph, this place is a hotbed of images, with everything from historical architecture and modern architecture.

Based in the centre of Berlin in a reputable hotel just minutes from Alexanderplatz, we have access to all manner of subjects. Using a mix of public transport, trams, buses and the underground, we can get a wonderful array of images in this mature and inviting city. The underground itself is extremely photogenic and also photography friendly, without the usual security issues related to capital cities.

Symmetry plays a huge part of this trip
Symmetry plays a huge part of this trip

The trip will incorporate a booked visit to the Reichstadt, which is one of the most remarkable modern achitectural features, mixing history and form. This is a brilliant subject for a wide angle lens and has superb potential for silhouettes. 

We will be working mostly without a tripod, as this really inhibits our pace, but we will return to get them in the evening for lowlight photography. We will also not be shooting at dawn unless we have a very good reason, as this makes the day incredibly long and exhausting.

I will also be giving tuition ontilt shift lenses and their perspective power, making this an idea workshop to increase the potential of theseuseful optics.These are not essential for ther trip but can greatly enhance your photography if you want to bring one along.

Berlin is a very safe and mature city, without all the hassle of many modern places, mostly devoid of social media influencers too!

The incredible interior of the Reichstadt
The incredible interior of the Reichstadt

Additional Information

  • Where do I meet you?

    There are so many ways of getting to Berlin, as this destination is covered by many airports of all sizes. Meet at the hotel at 12pm on the first day. Recommend flights information and tour notes after booking will give you everything you need.

  • Is Berlin safe?

    Very safe. The centre will be where we spend most of our time and you will be relaxed throughout. It makes London seem very different indeed.

  • Lenses?

    Bring a super wide angle, medium zoom, longer zoom, fisheye and tiltshift if you have them. Architecture is a very creative subject, so expect to use them all.

  • Am I going to be able to manage all the walking?

    We will take rest stops thoroughout the day, as Berlin is full of cafes. We will also take the underground, buses, trams and indeed anything to make the walking easier. You will be on your feet, so I suggest taking regular walks before the tour begins to get yourself in shape.

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