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Well I Wasn’t Expecting That…Mamiya 645 1000s

Well I Wasn’t Expecting That…Mamiya 645 1000s

After an act of unnecessary retaliation concluded after I sadly lost a good friend and a loaned Mamiya 645 1000s in the proceeds, some good karma seemed to come my way.

Yesterday I was in Cambrian Cameras in Colwyn Bay, Wales working for Canon UK. After my talk I was shown the shop’s second hand stock, which included a collection of 95 Rolleiflex twin lens cameras (!) from a recent house clearance. Lots were robbed for spares and in poor shape but there were some gems.

They’re also bloody expensive these days, because of the price increase thanks to bearded youtube hipster film photography channels.


Sitting there on a seperate shelf was a ‘mint and boxed’ 1980’s Mamiya 1000s. One lady owner (known to the store), it has been unused since purchase. Original manuals, strap, waist level finder and body cap.

Well I Wasn’t Expecting That…Mamiya 645 1000s

I originally bought the first camera for £150 in 2014, a few knocks, marks and a bit of a flappy shutter, but it still took some beautiful work.

Yesterday I replaced it for £350, a price increase, but this one is truly remarkable, with a Swiss watch sounding film winder. Everything is perfect, a welcome return, an investment as well as another spanner in the photo tool box.


These cameras are impossible to find in good condition, as most were badly abused by wedding photographers.

Well I Wasn’t Expecting That…Mamiya 645 1000s

The magical allure is the size. It fits in the palm of your hand, so it sits in you bag alongside your digital setup. Many medium format cameras are bulky, later ones rather plasticky. This one feels like a classic car and it can take wonderful shots with a great affordable lens choice. The rare 80mm f1.9 (I already owned) is a very trippy lens indeed with fabulous bokeh effects.

I like using the camera to record my holidays, but it’s no slouch for portraits and landscape. It creates 70mp images when scanned with my LS9000.

It’s going to come with me to India over the Christmas break.