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Syncwire Chargers - The Goto Chargers for Photography

Syncwire Chargers - The Goto Chargers for Photography

A few years back I wrote an article called 'In Search of Chargevana'. I tested out some extensive charging options for the photographer on the move. Syncwire have reached out to me again to review some of their fabulous products and I have to say I jumped at the chance.

● Input: AC 100V-240V
● Package Include: 6A/30W 2 ports multi-wall USB charger with interchangeable EU and UK charger adapters

With US, UK and EU adapter, this multi port usb charger is ideal for travelling. Give your devices their optimum charge at home or on-the-go. It is the all-round charger that excels wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Besides, robust exterior and premium internal components ensure perfect operation. The unique design of the foldable US plug keeps it plugs into wall outlets tightly. Synwire USB Charger won't be loose like other ones.

Syncwire Chargers - The Goto Chargers for Photography

The Goods

This is a review of their two port 48W USB wall charger, a USB-C and USB-A fast charging system that I use to complement my original 4 x USB-A charger that I use literally everyday.

This beast will fast charge my iPhone XR in less than 40mins from flat - it is absolutely astounding (ensure you have fast charge cables or you will strangle the flow) and does a very fast job of charging my GoPro, my camera batteries (see the other article) and more. With dual ports, it can charge a modern Mac Laptop too, so it really can be a single charge solution in one tiny design.

Running this alongside the older charger I have a total of six USB ports when I am travelling, with every possibility covered.

Syncwire Chargers - The Goto Chargers for Photography
Syncwire Chargers - The Goto Chargers for Photography

Next up is the gadget bag. I really like this because it's got just enough space to keep everything tiny and tidy. I've loaded it up with cables phones, chargers indeed anything electronic I need to take with me.

I've even managed to get small go pro set up in there as well, so it really is versatile gadget bag and one I can include in my travel set off.

The really great thing about all these Syncwire products. There is extremely affordable and very well-made.There's nothing worse than having a good idea let down by build quality.

I can thoroughly recommend this bag for all manner of tech reasons.

Ok thats it from me - I hope you are inspired as I am by these fabulous products - they are the combination of quality workmanship, reliablilty and versatility, all at an affordable price.