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Photography in Manhattan - New York - Part Two

Times Square, Manhattan

Canon 1Ds3, 24mm TSEmk2, rotating pano of 9 portrait images, exposure blended  

I have been trying to make a 180deg pano of the whole of Times Square from the top of a set of steps but it's proving impossible to get right. I am set up at the top of a set of steps looking down over the scene and here represents problem no1 - I am not allowed a tripod up there. Yes, here we go again, apparently its a safety hazard, so I have to sneak it up there, set up with Rach standing in front of me and then choose my moment, without being spotted by police or 'saftey officers'.

I have tried to get the whole sweep across the scene, but there is always someone in my way, people sliced in half in the stitch... its proving to be very complex and very stressful both in the field and on in post processing. Anyway its worth pursuing. I dont want to shoot it at 5am when there is no one about as that ruins the intensity, but I may well have to at this rate.

Here's another one from down below looking vertically up at the tower blocks. 

Times Square, Manhattan - fisheye lens image looking vertically upwards

1Ds3, Sigma 15mm Fisheye f8 3 images blended, ISO400

The biggest problem with shooting for blending, is that the adverts change constantly. The only way to do this is to shoot ISO400 with the camera in Live View mode and wait until some kind of 'rest' occurs before capture. You can see I have caught the 'eye' in the bottom left, half way through transition. Still, it works, but I am not altogether happy with the lighting of this image. The weather is so unstable here that it makes dusk shooting a lottery. 

Infrared in Central Park
Here's the first of a series of rather more sedate infrared shots I am working on from our wanderings through Central Park. This is a rather wonderful building I am yet to find out the name of... I am off to shoot some bridges on the way through this morning.




infrared image in Central Park

Canon 5DIR, Canon 70-300 f4L IS, f8, 160th ISO100


Finally .... A Lapse in Time
I have a new camera, a GoPro Hero 2 HD that I am using to shoot time lapse and make video tutorials. Its mounted on a chest strap and has a flashing red ligt on it, perfect for that subway paranoia! Its been brilliant so far and the quality if very good in the daytime (noisy in the dark unfortunately). I will be making some travel tutorials as I go, but it is difficult to do this and keep my eyes on the photography. I am shooting lots of time lapse in particular, so these should be fun to assemble none the less.

Any, its 9.30am here, Rach is back with yoghurts, blueberries and milkshake... over and out.