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Microsoft Garage - Snip

From the earlier experiences of all things Macbook, the thing I loved about Apple's OSX was the ability to take screenshots using CMD + SHIFT + 3 (full screen) or 4 (using a marquee selector). For me, it became a breeze to write tutorials, blogs and general articles about all things technical. Windows did offer something - 'Snipping Tool'... and quite frankly it was cumbersome and irritating.

This morning, whilst using the Microsoft Surface Book and Win 10,  I found 'Snip' from the Microsoft Garage. As a productivity tool, it's utterly superb, far more extensive than the simple OSX snipper, extending the ideas way beyond the basic cut and paste. Not only can you screenshot sections and parts of the screen, but you can also annotate them and even add all this into a video clip to email or share online. 

It's got a great interface, its really discrete when active (rather than having have its own floating window) and allows you to save the snip in a variety of different formats. The only issue I have come across is the inability to change the default snip to JPEG other than PNG.

Forget Evernote's Skitch, or PRTSCRN, cropping in Paint / Photoshop etc...Snip does it all very simply - and its FREE - Give it a try.