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Macbook Pro - Resurrection Edition

Last week whilst in transit from Derby the strap snapped on my laptop bag. My beloved Macbook Pro, the centre of my working universe, hit the concrete, the bag hitting corner first, laden with leads, hard drives etc. Yesterday it died whilst teaching Photoshop and remained inoperable, looking like a broken rom cartridge from a 1980's arcade game, but after mourning its loss, it rose from the dead...  

After limping along with unscheduled shutdowns and reboots in last week's Canon Pro Imaging Talks, I surcomed to the conclusion that I had no choice but to buy a new machine, specifically for business use.

The computer took the full force of the drop in the bottom right corner (see above). This pushed the optical drive fitting kit and the additional hard drive askew, making a dent as it was pushed upwards next to the right hand side speaker.

I ran a Dartmoor workshop yesterday and one of my participants, Paul, was an IT specialist. He said optimistically that the computer's RAM may have come loose and recommended unscrewing the back and reseating the boards. So I unplugged the hard drives, plugged everything back in, cleaned out the dust and switched it back on... nothing.

Then ten seconds later it chimed and then it chimed again and again, stuck in a loop (the digital equivalent of coughing and spluttering). So I switched it off, held the shift key and rebooted .... and to my amazement, I managed to get it into safe mode. So I rebooted again for a third time, after flushed the PRam and now it works perfectly.... (well for now at least)

I have no idea how I managed to fix it, but its alive.... none the less its going into retirement in the music studio. My advice is make sure you are insured for such expensive computers. You'll be surprised what is covered on your house insurance or add it to your photographic insurance. Although I don't need to make a claim, I may need to if this just a digital swan song.  

So after my good friend Esen Tunar nicknamed his lost iPhone 5 the Survivor Edition, after it was returned to him from a thawed Finnish ski resort, I give you the Macbook Resurrection Edtion