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A Glimpse of the Compact Future - Light.Co L16

We all love photography gadgets, but have a look at this intriguing new design from Light. It's a new camera on its way to us next year, 52mp with 16 lens and sensors built in. Yes you did read that right. There's not of technical information to go on, except some promotional videos a few smaller bits of text dotted around the website. It says the camera is a 35-150mm, with a very interesting ways of capturing high contrast lighting, low light and extremely shallow depth of field. Apparently the optics are like having a range of apertures too, with a minimum of f1.2. Is it too good to be true?

I hold reservation as the sensor sizes could hamper what looks like a true performer. The restrictions of light / physics could see another great idea hampered by noisy lowlight results, but lets watch and see what happens. The Manhattan Bridge image on their supporting video doesnt seem to 'clean up' particularly well in my opnion (perhaps they should consider removing that section), but the concept looks really interesting to say the least.

It's retailing at $1699 or $1299 for pre-orders, which is going to get you a lot of DSLR kit for your money in comparison, but if you add it up and require portablilty beyond the size and weight of a multi lens system, it's very interesting indeed. 

52mp in your pocket with aperture you can set after you shoot? I look forward to its unveiling.

See the camera and examples by heading over to to >>> CLICK HERE