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Colorado Tripod Company - Centennial Tripod and Highline Ballhead Preview

I have received a new tripod from a new company to trial over the next few weeks - may I introduce the Colorado Tripod Company - a sister organisation of the popular Breakthrough Photography Company, whose filters I use in my digital world. I have received the new Centennial Tripod, a carbon fibre (10 layers of carbon fibre) and aluminium tripod alongside the new Highline ball head, which looks like the perfect lightweight landscape and travel setup. 

The Highline is an Arca Swiss style head, which grips my L Brackets and plates. In space grey, the build is rock solid, rivaling likes of Really Right Stuff and Kirk. With a camera and lens attached, the ballhead grips with ludicrous tightness.

The Centennial Tripod is also of superior build. The first thing I do whenever testing a tripod, is to extend it fully, grip the legs at the middle and give the whole thing a twist - its very solid indeed, of similar build quality to my Gitzo 4543. Remove the rubber feet and there are spikes underneath - a great feature. 

The after going on the website - I sat there flabbergasted (now there is a good English word) - the Highline ball head is just $129, the legs are $300...! I am so impressed right now. 

The UK dealer will be  who also supply the UK with Breakthrough Filter products.