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Better Internet Part 1 - Adblocker Plus

Adverts. Irritating, annoying advertising. It gets everywhere, inboxes, TV, in fact its so bad on digital TV I have to mute the volume as soon as a program reaches the adverts or I go into meltdown -  7minutes of programming and then companies shouting at you for another 7mins... I can't take any more.

Online, its just as bad and that's without an infected machine, but there is another option - a very helpful tool that I want you to take a look at - Adblock Plus. It's an extension that you install into your browser that blocks irritating adverts.  If you are unfamiliar, an extension is a program within a program and you will find many are available for your three most popular browsers. I have to say I haven't really found many other useful ones, but Adblock is one I install on every machine, PC or Mac, so I thought I would spread the word.

The original Adblock extension was a brilliant piece of programming, but now its sadly defunct. Although it still works on some websites, video platforms like Youtube are not best pleased about any attempt to block the all important revenue stream of adverts and irritating banners, so they have added coding to disable the original extension. Adblock fought back and coded a better version called Adblock Plus and it works beautifully to this day.

Although I am certainly within the majority who despise this invasive bombardment of uninvited mass marketing, there are of course websites and channels that survive from the pre-video adverts and banner advertising as you watch. I leave it up to you to decide whether the adverts 'bother you' and if you are happy to be subjected to this.


Installing Adblock Plus

So where do you find these extensions?

1. INSTALL - Go to Safari Extensions in the Safari drop down... once installed the ABP logo, choose Adblock Options and this window will appear on your browser (see the top right of this image)


2. CONFIGURE - Click the ABP logo and then choose any number of customising features. You could click the 'Allow some non intrusive advertising' if your moral compass guides you there...

3. ZAP THE REST - Still see any annoying adverts? Click the ABP and then choose 'Block Element' - simply right click on the advert and it vanishes. You can also see ABP has just blocked an unimaginable 26 adverts on this page, but it didn't get the voucher deals - Click 'Block Element' right click on the advert and it's gone... for good.

A Final Word 

An advert free internet? It's not going to be exactly that way, but Adblock makes a massive difference by lowering the static of modern living. So what's the future of advertising? Just like digital TV adverts are embedded into the video itself can never be removed and that's exactly what many Youtube channels are now opting for. Hosts will introduce the advert into they tail end of their video blog. At least it gives us the consumer the freedom to stop the video and head elsewhere should you wish to. With Adblock Plus, the 30sec - 3min Youtube adverts (the ones that force you to hit the volume button and make a cup of tea) are now a thing of the past. 


Simply click the link below to find the Adblock for your browser.