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Photographing Humayun’s Tomb in Infrared

Posted on 30th March 2013 - 5 Comments

This is the remarkable tomb of Humayun, built by his rather loving wife to celebrate his departure from this world to the next. It's easy to see how this building influenced the Taj Mahal, but rather than being made entirely out of marble, it is constructed from red sandstone.

The image is one of my 'infrared specials', something that will run at the forefront of my photography here in India and on my return to the UK in springtime. Its become a huge passion as perhaps you will know, remaining in the bag at all times.

This was photographed using an architectural lens, the Canon 24mm TSEmk2, attached to my seven year old 5D(IR), still going strong, but soon to be replaced with a '6DIR' on my return.

I waited for just the right moment as this gardener approached and carefully rounded the bend in the path, the magic to enrich this simple and peaceful scene.

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  • beautiful shot

    / By ambika on 12th April 2013

  • Great blog sharing with us, like amazing sharing and its really awesome looking. Thanks a lot for sharing. Photo looking stunning.

    / By Color Experts on 16th April 2013

  • It’s really a nice click and the effects you applied are so awesome. “Black and White HDR”

    / By harjeet on 30th April 2013

  • its awesome.

    / By Avantika Agarwal on 13th July 2013

  • This is amazing smile

    / By L├Ąckage on 5th August 2013