Online Photoshop and Lightroom Training

Learn to process images to an enviable standard with Skype based digital training for Photoshop, Lightroom and more.

£69 / Deposit of £69.00

  • 19th - 20th Jul 2016

If travelling to a residential workshops is just not feasible, or if you only need a few hours help to set you straight with specific aspects of Photoshop and Lightroom then look no further than personalised digital tuition. If you know the basics, or the drag of evening class learning simply fills you with a sinking feeling, then it's time to takle this head on, with professional dedicated tuition aimed directly at you.

As an Adobe Influencer, I am an established leader in professional image processing. Making images truly come alive, with clarity, finesse and realism his images speak for themselves. With the internet bandwidth now better than before, peer to peer platforms like Skype and TeamViewer make the possibility of remote learning a breeze. Better still, the software is free.

If you have hit the runners wall, if you need to discuss your images pathway, get professional advice and critique on your images and approach all from the comfort of your own desk, then this is the way forwards. Learn stylised ninja-like Photoshop techniques then book a digital Behind the Scenes session with me and push your images skywards.

Additional Information

  • What Do I Get?

    A full hour and a half of comprehensive and no nonsense digital training. I create a Google Drive shared workshop space for you which will contain my own images and files for you to use. Sub-folders will store PSDs I create in the tutorial for you to download, so you can look again at the files in some scrutiny after the session has ended. I also make folders where you can put your own RAWs, for us both to work on. It’s simple and easy to get connected with a share workspace, literally thousands of miles apart.

  • Computers and Connections

    I use Skype and Team Viewer to teach remotely, both of which are both free and easy to use. This will involve registering and download the software.

    In order for this internet based workshop to be effective, a reasonable to good broadband must be ensured. Before commencement of the tuition an introductory session and preliminary chat to ‘test the connection’ will help to get the best possible learning experience.

    A laptop is the idea screen size for internet based learning. Desktop’s will also work well, but it may be necessary to resize your desktop to a 1600px maximum as icons and text can become illegible. See the links above.

  • Screen Recording

    The entire session can be screen recorded, to ensure you never miss a thing. I tailor making video for you -  if you missed a section of the tutorial, you can simply rewind. I also use software that highlights all my key commands so you can’t go wrong. The video is then rendered down to MP4 format and placed in your workspace, so you can watch again at your leisure, or on the commute to work. It’s that easy.

  • Additional Sessions and Discounts

    Many of my clients like the idea of continuing a course of learning. If you are interested in booking a block of additional sessions I am very happy to offer discounts. We can discuss this when we are in session.

£69 / Deposit of £69.00

  • 19th - 20th Jul 2016
  • Duration 1.5hrs
  • Location /
  • Included 1.5hrs digital tuition, critique and discussion
  • Excluded None
  • Accommodation None
  • Max Group Number 1