1-2-1 Infrared Photography Workshop

The ideal 1-2-1 workshop for those thinking about Infrared who would like to try before getting a camera converted.

£249 / Deposit of £100.00

  • 22nd - 22nd Aug 2016

Many photographers are now considering Infrared to accompany their adventures in the landscape. Understanding the medium's complexities is the first issue, but add in the steep post processing learning curve and it can feel like a rather large gamble, with both your time and financially.

I am offering a unique opportunit, a 1-2-1 workshop specifically designed as an entry into at Infrared. I can explain extend your infrared camera knowledge with expert advice, or alternatively help decide whether infrared is for you. Maybe you’re undecided about which one would suit your photography? I am here to help.

Infrared photography bases itself on an unseen spectrum of light, so it can be considered an interpretive medium. Half of the success with infrared is the ability to see a photograph when it is right in front of you, but the technical road to an images success is a tough climb. I have been working intensively with infrared for the last six years and consider it a very important part of my work. If you have the same desire to create something spectacular and also very different, then look no further. 

Perhaps you are already an infrared user and need help tackling the complexity of the post processing, or is the problem getting the most from your IR camera? With extended knowledge in this area I can help you process your pictures without the pitfalls of excessive contrast or garish attempts at colour infrared and push the work to an enviable standard.  

Additional Information

  • Where are you Based?

    Newton Abbot in South Devon. It’s at the end of the M5 and easy to reach by train. With access to Dartmoor and some spectacular coastline, this workshop location base can provide all manner of photographic opportunities just minutes away. Newton Abbot is approximately three hours on the train from London.

  • I have no camera...

    Even if you don’t have a camera, I can get a Canon IR converted camera for you to use. Infrared is not for everyone, so you may feel a workshop is a better starting point than an expensive purchase. I can help you out with a loaned camera.

  • Digital Processing

    If you are already enjoying infrared photography but want to learn how to get the best out of your images by post processing them, then look no further. I cam walk you through a complete session, post processing infrared images with skill, including camera and software calibration.

  • Colour Infrared

    It’s probably the question I get asked the most about infrared - how do I process work to look subtle and different? Most colour infrared images are garish and far from easy on the eye. I will show you how to get the most from a colour infrared, so you can learn to process the picture with style and finesse.

£249 / Deposit of £100.00

  • 22nd - 22nd Aug 2016
  • Duration 1day
  • Location Dartmoor
  • Included Workshop is approximate 9hrs long.
    All tuition and transport
  • Excluded Food and Insurances
    Local accommodation
  • Accommodation If accommodation is need I can recommend excellent local accommodation for you to stay.
  • Max Group Number 8
  • Fitness Level Low