Personal and Digital Tuition

Unrivalled personalised digital and photographic tuition.

£295 / Deposit of £75.00

  • 1st - 1st Oct 2015

I am offering a completely new service to complement my popular one-on-one workshops.  If you believe you have reached a wall you can’t climb over or your photography is starting to stagnate, then hire me to point you back on the road to success.

As a teacher for the last eight years, I fully understand the dilemmas associated with learning any creative endeavour. You often end up feeling somewhat alienated and baffled by the overwhelming amount of information there is to absorb and skills there are to master. Despite its immediate appeal, photography is perhaps one of the most complicated, as you swing from artistic to technical control.

With a confident delivery, patience, friendly manner I can supply individuals or groups with focused and clear tuition, of any age, ability or learning style. Back this up with digital help for your reference and you will be surprised at the pace you will learn.

Additional Information

  • Digital Processing Tuition

    If you need unrivalled help with post processing techniques then look no further. Many clients have asked for a full day of computer based tuition, from RAW processing to extensive use of Photoshop, but part of every day will include help in this area.

    It is a full day, from morning until dusk. You name it, I we can fix it. My tuition is based upon an intense look at your photographic process. Everything from your camera equipment, to digital workflow and artistic approach can be scrutinised and we will spend the day analysing not only how to get you back on track, but how to put some fire into your work.

£295 / Deposit of £75.00

  • 1st - 1st Oct 2015
  • Duration Personal Tuition
  • Included All tuition and transport
  • Excluded Food and Insurances
  • Accommodation If accommodation is need I can recommend excellent local accommodation for you to stay.
  • Max Group Number 8
  • Fitness Level Low