Dartmoor Springtime Landscape Workshop

Photograph the beauty of Dartmoor and enjoy a second burst of springtime

£799 / Deposit of £150.00

  • 26th - 28th May 2017

This is an exceptional springtime landscape workshop to take advantage of the beautiful carpets of wild bluebells and fabulous white hawthorn trees, which bloom in abundance throughout the end of May. There are beautiful rivers, fabulous viewpoints and possibly misty forests to explore and photograph - a friendly and local workshop not to be missed.

Dartmoor is an array of classic photographic subjects, but one of the beauties about a springtime visit is the carpets of bluebells, which unlike beach woodlands, occur in abundance in the outdoors, across hillsides. With a ‘second spring’ occurring at the end on May, the greens will be in their absolute peak of saturation, making good photography available anytime of the day. These are also exceptional for infrared photography, something David will be demonstrating throughout the weekend.

We will also shoot wildflowers which are in abundance. The hedgerows are brimming with colour and a detailed look can reveal some truly beautiful subjects for macro photography.

Based on Dartmoor itself, we will be on location and not too far from shelter should the weather change. The changeable light can work to our total advantage, so expect to be shooting at all times and taking advantage of the dawn and evening light.

Whether expert or beginner, there is something for everyone. Expect technical and compositional advice as well as evenings of helpful conversation and post processing assistance guaranteed.

Additional Information

  • Clothing

    Ensure you bring good quality footwear. Walking boots are not essential as walking shoes should suffice, but bring a pair of wellingtons with thick socks as the ground may become boggy in places or we may need to cross shallow streams. Dartmoor will be much warmer at the end of May than the earlier winter months, but don’t get caught out. Ensure a hat and gloves are part of your wardrobe as early mornings can see significant drops in temperature.

  • Camera Kit

    An array of focal lengths will always benefit the Dartmoor photographer. A wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer zoom (70-300) will be ideal to cover most compositional eventualities.The most used will be the 24-70 as wide angle doesn’t always translate, so make sure this focal length is covered.

£799 / Deposit of £150.00

  • 26th - 28th May 2017
  • Duration 3 days
  • Included All accommodation, all minibus transportation, all tuition, all breakfasts are included.
  • Excluded All meals, insurances and transportation to Dartmoor are excluded.
  • Accommodation To be arranged
  • Max Group Number 7
  • Fitness Level Low