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A Very Fast Memory Stick - Sandisk Cruzer Extreme 32gb

Posted on 13th June 2014 - 0 Comments

Is yours lost in a drawer somewhere or gathering dust, completely full of 3 year old Word documents? They are not the best of things to rely on in a data heavy world and you certainly realise the speed difference when you plug in a FireWire / USB3 hard drive. If like me you have been plagued with cheap sluggish memory sticks and convinced they are a poor idea, then here's the answer that I found on a reasonable budget. After reading an article at UK Hardware, I spent £24 on a SanDisk Extreme 32 GB memory stick and I have to say I'm...

Bose QC20i vs QC15 Headphone Comparison

Posted on 25th March 2014 - 0 Comments

It’s best to point out at this stage that I own the QC15’s not the new QC20i’s that were leant to me for a brief half hour listening session before heading home from Iceland. I have three sets of headphones – Seinheisser HD650’s for audiophile listening, Senheisser HD25II’s for DJing and a set of Grado 325i’s for further adventures in sound. Good headphones should be engaging, lively, with a detailed stereo field, but above all comfortable, which is why the Grado’s are going. I still think the standard Apple iPhone 5 headphones are...

QNAP TS-469L Server for Photography Backup

Posted on 25th March 2014 - 0 Comments

Goodbye Windows 2012, hello QNAP 469L. It's been a rather strange last couple of weeks, in fact rather strange month if anything. I dont think I've been a photographer at all, more like a network engineer and overall paranoid nervous wreck. Over the last year I have been using a Windows 2012 server filled with 12 TB of hard drives to run my photographic back up system at home. Although perhaps done on a theoretical shoestring, I have had nothing but problems since the word go. The biggest issue is that Windows 2012 requires management of permissions between multiple computers and this is where...

Topaz Clarity Review

Posted on 13th September 2013 - 2 Comments

There are many different programs out there that help you process your images, and Topaz have been on the market now for a few years. I remember a wave of excitement and personally some ‘eye-rolling’, as a wave of rather over processed images accompanying it hit camera clubs and the internet, just like the overuse of Nik Software and other plugins. Yet this is not to say that software, when used subtly, can reduce your workload and provide an alternative way of editing pictures. But, as an extensive Photoshop user, I am going to need a lot of convincing.

GMYLE USB Travel Chargers

Posted on 3rd September 2013 - 0 Comments

I have two chargers for you - one more portable than the other, one more robust than the other.... read on... If like me you have a thirst for power whilst travelling, you’ll know of the ball ache complexity of keeping communication devices topped up with battery life. I have had them all – charging cases for iPhones, portable power sources and a myriad of in-car charger leads. With USB cables connected to those precious few ports on my laptop, perhaps it’s time to look at another answer.

Expert Shield Screen Protector Review

Posted on 29th June 2013 - 0 Comments

Screen protectors are really important keep the value of your camera and in six years time when you come to peel off that scratch protector you'll get more money for that older second hand camera. Have a read as to why you should use protection and just how easy it is to slip on.

Actions App for Controlling Photoshop

Posted on 26th June 2013 - 0 Comments

Over the last few months I have found controlling Photoshop from a variety of different methods to fail me, but have had a great result with using this remarkably good Actions App. it allows you to shortcut all manner of different day to day commands and reduce your time mouse fiddling. I really found its a great way of speeding up workflow.

Thule Gauntlet Macbook iPad Attache Case Review

Posted on 20th June 2013 - 6 Comments

Being a professional travel photographer for the last five years, I’m carrying an entourage of technological clobber around the globe on a regular basis. Its far from just ‘entertainment’ like it is for most people on this plane, computers are utterly essential to what I do. It all began with a humble 12” Samsung Q35 laptop that lasted me a few good years. Over the last few years as tablets have become en vogue, everything has shrunk back again to even more ingenious smart phones. Sadly, neither is of great use for me photographically. I can’t get on without...

Canon 6D Field Test

Posted on 9th April 2013 - 13 Comments

After trialling a Canon 6D on a two week trip to India, I herby crown a camera I knew virtually nothing about as the new king of travel photography. Here’s a field report from my Jaipur train seat. If you have been watching the arrival of new DSLRs over the last few years, you may feel the some disillusion I do, a feeling that I encounter even now as a professional. The frequency never used to be the same, but it seems that every few weeks there’s another number with ‘D’ stuck on the end, hatching from fertile...

Using the Sigma 85mm for Macro

Posted on 10th January 2012 - 0 Comments

Ever considered using an 85mm lens for portraits? Of course you have. What about landscapes? Well perhaps... how about macro? After buying a set of Kenko extension tubes a few years ago, I began to experiment with all my optics and the effect they had on them. My immediate choice was the Zork MFS / Rodenstock 90mm APO set up. Not only could this lens be used for whacky miniature world images, but after adding extension rings, the lens became a powerful macro set up. Having tilt was wonderful and with Live View, the focal plane could be positioned with precision...