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Calibrating White Balance to Process Infrared Images in Lightroom

Posted on 7th May 2014 - 0 Comments

If you are interested in learning more about infrared then why not book one of my popular a Digital Infrared 1-2-1 Workshops? I have two infrared cameras, so why not 'try before you buy'.... I thought I would write a quick blog post about infrared images and how to calibrate the white balance in the Adobe Lightroom, an issue that has plagued me for years. Until recently its been impossible to get rid of casts in Lightroom, as there seemed no way of balancing Infrared imagery. I had to abandon LR altogether for IR imagery as I could not...

Light and Land Peak District Workshop Report 2014

Posted on 7th May 2014 - 0 Comments

I had an absolute blast last weekend on my first Light and Land Peak District workshop co-lead with Doug Chinnery. We had eight participants, a ton of camera kit and I even had my very own Audi A3, not what I was expecting for a moorland workshop. Here's a few photographs I managed to grab inbetween tutoring and climbing peaks. Sadly the weather wasn't really very conducive, but we did get some fairly bold skies with big clouds in the evenings. It was really good to be back up there again, for the first time for three years.

Light and Land Mall Galleries Report

Posted on 28th March 2014 - 0 Comments

The Mall Galleries – it all sounds very posh from the offset, but once inside its easy to understand exactly why Light and Land chose to hold the ‘Year of Print’ exhibition in such a prestigeuos venue - the level of work is that good. Although rather late on the billing, I have just given a full talk and finished an afternoon of critiques in this fabulous exhibition space and it was worth the effort to say the least. On quick glance, it was a beautiful spread, a riot of colours and tones, but on further inspection the images were truly...

Refurbished MacBooks - Why you deserve Second Hand

Posted on 25th March 2014 - 0 Comments

If your weekends are anything like mine, a ‘shopping’ trip with the other-half will include a boyish high street meander into the Apple shop. Far from the computer shops I remember from my youth, its sleek aluminium staircases beckon you into the future, away from inevitable phone fiddling in the foyer of H&M at least.

My Finest Facebook Moment

Posted on 20th December 2012 - 5 Comments

Right from the start of this new website, I have been wrestling with the concept of social networking and Facebook in particular. After deleting two older Facebook pages, firstly a group and a then fan page, I waved two fingers at the Facebook crowd, fed up with the benile levels of infantile interaction. The endless dog pictures, slimy meal photos and irritating children shots; it all became just too much to bear, so I headed off into the world of Twitter, which seen far more up my street. Twitter has done me proud and I have been able to make...

Canon 1Dx Field Test

Posted on 7th December 2012 - 12 Comments

My thoughts on the new Canon 1Dx - do I need 14fps? Surely its a sports and action camera? Well surprise surprise, its the best all rounder that Canon have ever made and I am all over it! With remarkable ISO it has the ability to extend my work further and further into the night and it is this that I am most excited about. This is from a recent interview with PhotoPlus magazine.

EOS Magazine Infrared Photography Article

Posted on 28th August 2012 - 0 Comments

If you are interested in infrared photography, this is the article for you. I spent quite a lot of time going through the scientific side of photographing infrared as well as creative. This full-page article Really does help summer why I love to shoot this particular medium, and how to get the most out of your camera.

Processing my Hartland Quay Images

Posted on 22nd August 2012 - 0 Comments

A detailed look at how I converted a colour image into black and white, using Photoshop. This prolific location in North Devon was used to illustrate some simple photographic technique and also some interesting ways of converting images to black and white. Follow the video for further detailed information.

Photographing and Processing Infrared Images

Posted on 19th March 2012 - 4 Comments

After purchasing or converting a camera to Infrared, the problems with processing can cause a lot of head scratching. To start with, the images tend to look intense, garish and 'completely wrong' to say the least. I too have struggled to find my way in this strange world, so here are my findings and my workflow. It's not surprising it is complicated as infrared is an interpretive medium. There is almost no 'right and wrong', but there is a balance and that is what I will explain below.